Standard Filtration Systems Overview

By | October 28, 2017

Many customers have specific filtration needs, space constraints or are in need of quick solutions to their filtration requirements. Standard filtration systems present quick, effective, and low-cost solutions to ensure ease of installation, quick operability, space savings and low start-up costs while addressing your specific filtration needs.

Moreover, standard filtration systems can be customized for conformance with your unique filtrations requirements. Some standard industrial filters are described below.

Compact Band Filters:

Where space is a challenge, paper media based compact band filters can provide effective filtration. The contaminated fluids are passed over a paper media which traps solid contaminants and allows the cleaned fluid to flow into a tank below. As the paper becomes clogged, the contaminated fluid level above it increased whereby a level switch is activated. The paper media, mounted between discs and on a permeable support belt that moves on underlying rollers, is then rotated to present a clean section of the media for filtration. The clogged paper media and the contaminants on it are then disposed appropriately.


Magnetic band filters:

Magnetic separators are used to extract even the minutest metallic contaminants from dirty industrial fluids. A magnetic filter is used in tandem with other filtration mechanisms to achieve ultra-fine levels of filtering. A typical configuration involves a magnetic filter used in tandem with paper band and vacuum filters.



Paper Band Filters:

These filters are the simplest and oldest form of filters. Paper media is laid on a conveyor and contaminated fluids are passed over it. Clean filter is collected in the bottom portion of the tank housing this media. When this media becomes clogged, the pressure of the contaminated fluid above the media rises, thereby activating a switch that triggers a geared mechanism to convey out the clogged media and expose clean media from a roll. This way the efficacy and flow of filtration is constantly maintained.


Vacuum Filters:

Such filters use a movable paper media mounted at the top end of a tank receiving contaminated industrial fluids. The paper traps fine contaminants and the clear fluid falls into a chamber below which is evacuated periodically using vacuum suction. The paper media is cleaned using a back wash mechanism by applying atmospheric or pump generated pressure to achieve high recyclability of the paper based filtration media.



Standard filtration systems offer quick, low-cost and effective solutions to your immediate filtration needs. For more information talk to our engineers 

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