Veeraja Case-study: Precision Camshaft CFS Operation & Testimonial

By | April 10, 2018

Precision Camshaft ( PCS ) is a reputed manufacturer of chilled cast iron cam shafts. Cam shafts are ground on a cam grinder and finished products are supplied to major automobile manufacturer.


To achieve the desired surface finish, we were asked to supply a suitable filtration system. The main criterion’s considered were filtration quality and low filtering media consumption.

Veeraja installed vacuum filters with scraper conveyor as primary filter. A provision was also given to change the media to filter mesh hence making the system totally consumption free.
After evaluating the systems PCS concluded following:

  • High filtration quality. Better surface finish.
  • Improved fluid life.
  • Filtering media consumption dropped by 80%
  • Maintenance reduced on pumps, machine slides and coolant nozzles
  • Reduced break-downs.
  • Improved Tool life as the wheel dressing frequency reduced.

PCS has now installed a 6000 LPM filtration system to handle the complete flow of an Export Oriented shop. Main feature of system is as follows

  • Fluid from grinders follows to ‘U’ bottom chutes placed below shop floor.
  • Grid of chutes with a gradient of 1:60 carries the dirty fluid to filtration system.
  • A scraper conveyor handles all the chips/ larger chunks of dirt.
  • A pair of Vacuum filters the complete flow of 6000 LPM.
  • A unique gate arrangement is provided to isolate any Vacuum filter without stopping fluid flow to shop.
  • A set of 6 pumps supply the fluid back.
  • Skimmers remove the floating tramp oil.
  • A PLC controlled panel with audio/ visual alarm controls the smooth functioning of the complete system.

Benefits of Centralized system seen after 2 years of operation:

  • Coolant life increased by 4 times.
  • Filtration system placed outside shop.
  • Increased the shop
  • Utilization by 25%.
  • All dirt handling is outside shop, keeps the shop clean.
  • Energy consumption reduced.


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