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Veeraja Case-study: Precision Camshaft CFS Operation & Testimonial

Precision Camshaft ( PCS ) is a reputed manufacturer of chilled cast iron cam shafts. Cam shafts are ground on a cam grinder and finished products are supplied to major automobile manufacturer.   To achieve the desired surface finish, we were asked to supply a suitable filtration system. The main criterion’s considered were filtration quality… Read More »

Roll Coolant Filtration System In Galvanizing Line

In a galvanizing line, the coolant quality and temperature is critical to ensure the required temperature and pressure such that a uniform anti-corrosive coating of predetermined thickness is deposited on the metal sheets. Also, a mix of chemicals under finely controlled operating conditions is used to ensure that the bonding surface is clean and oxide… Read More »

Standard Filtration Systems Overview

Many customers have specific filtration needs, space constraints or are in need of quick solutions to their filtration requirements. Standard filtration systems present quick, effective, and low-cost solutions to ensure ease of installation, quick operability, space savings and low start-up costs while addressing your specific filtration needs. Moreover, standard filtration systems can be customized for… Read More »