Vaccum Filters

Head differance (ΔH) across the filter media pushes fluid against resistance.

Higher the ΔH better the efficiency.

Gravity filters have a ΔH of 100 to 300mm.

ΔH in vacuum filters is upto 3500mm.


  • Vacuum filters primarily work on Vacuum principle.
  • Vacuum is created in a chamber by pump suction or ventury.
  • The chamber forms the bottom portion of tank which receives the dirty fluid from machine.
  • Filter media ( paper / mesh ) is laid on top of this chamber.
  • Fluid passes through media to chamber.
  • Dirt is collected on the media.
  • When media chokes, vacuum increases which is sensed by switch.
  • Dirt media is pulled out by geared motor.


  • Media consumtions drops by 80% compared to gravity filter.

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