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Automobile original equipment manufacturers are the spearheads of the auto industries. The consumers directly use the vehicles manufactured by you. Any major manufacturer is concerned about many aspects. Apart from the usual benefits of having a Centralized filtration system, we are Veeraja go a step forward to explore together with you how our system can following additional advantages.


In current trend major Auto manufacturers procure semi finished components from their tier I and Tier II suppliers. Final operations are done in house so as to ensure the high quality of product. Auto OEM give a lot of stress on quality of the output and rightly so.

Veeraja understands this expectation and designs a system to give quality output time and again. There are multiple checkpoints to ensure a smooth working of the system. In certain cases backup systems are also incorporated.


Due to changing market conditions, multiple products are designed in a short span of time. Any major manufacturer is hence required to change the production capacities and process requirements.

A filtration being an integral part of the process, needs to adapt to this flexible requirement. These systems are designed not only to adapt to the changing production requirements but also changing process quality requirement. Overhead return piping system is provided for most of the process which gives you completely flexibility to change your layout at anytime without any major infrastructural changes.


Due to increasing load to reduce manpower cost and to run a lean manufacturing plant, Auto OEM are constantly exploring possibilities of using technology. The complete systems are integrated in a PLC or SCADA based platform with variety of sensors and transmitters giving real time feed back on various aspects of the system. With this a maintenance manager can keep track of all parameters of the system at click of a button on a desktop or an interactive touch screen on the panel.

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