Coolant Filtration System For Grinding

Grinding process is used to generate better surface finish on components. Alongwith the removal of metal particle, the grinding wheel is also consumed. If proper filtration is not provided these particles escape the filtration system and generate scratch marks on the surface deteriorating the Ra and Rz values. The particles also clog the grinding wheel, which needs to re-dressed frequently. This increases the consumption of the grinding wheel.

Coolant Filtration System For Grinding

A CFS for Grinding process is sized based on wheel grit size, viscosity of fluid and material of component. As the viscosity increases or the grit size becomes finer, the flow velocity through filter media has to be reduced to achieve desired results.

A CFS for grinding is similar to indivisual filtration system but at a much larger scale. Dirty fluid alongwith grinding muck falls into the vacuum filter. Dirt cake is generated on the filter media ( check the actual working ). Clean fluid is directly pumped back to the machines.


Features & Benefits

  • Multi cutter chip cutter for built mechanical and electrical safety.
  • Indivisual cutter can be assembled in reverse way to expose second cutting edge. Indivisual cutter can be replaced.
  • Large dirty tank gives sufficient time for the chips to settle. It also improves heat dissipation.
  • Independently rotating magnetic drums with finned pole plates increase the magnetic density.
  • Multiple drums and drums can be isolated individually.
  • Our unique pole plate design and scraper arrangement improves magnetic separation efficiency and ease of maintainence.
  • Built in PLC Controlled electrical and mechanical safety with Auto conveyor Jamming logic.

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Bajaj Auto Ltd

A world class manufacturer in India. They manufacture 2 wheelers and 3 wheelers wide range of products.

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A world class manufacturer in India. They manufacture 2 wheelers and 3 wheelers wide range of products.

Application : Aluminum machining
Process : Machining, Drilling, Tapping, Boring
No of machine : 80 No’s
Fluid : Water based emulsion

Multiple part of a 2 wheeler are made of aluminum die cast. Components are machines, drilled and bored to achieve finished stage. This generates large quantum of chips. Considering the high production requirements multiple machines are working at the same time.

This generates a large quantum of chips. Chips were separated in individual tanks and fluid pumped back to machine. Chips had to be cleaned manually from each tank. This caused significant machine downtime. Customer wanted to reduce this machine down time and if possible completely eliminate it.

Properties of coolant like pH, concentration etc. had to be maintained at each machine. This caused irregularities and required lot of manpower. Due to the space limitation available for individual tanks, filtration level achieved was compromised resulting improper filtration reducing the coolant life and frequent breakdown of machines.

Customer wanted to explore the possibility of adding additional machine in the same shop floor to match the ever increasing production demand

Veeraja proposed a centralized filtration system with large conveyors and mesh drum filters. A layout was prepared with the process planners from Bajaj Auto ltd. Civil trenches were dug in existing machine shop. Advance in civil engineering has made it possible to dig inside the shop floor without disturbing adjacent machines.

Careful coordination with various agencies and technical team Bajaj Auto Ltd ensured that production is hampered the least. A large pit to accommodate a 15000 LPM central filtration which total tank capacity of more than 1,00,000 liters was constructed outside the shop. U shape gutters were fitted in the trenches and a central filtration was installed in the pit. A regularly tracked project execution ensured on time delivery and smooth transition from individual to Centralized filtration system

Individual tanks were removed and dirty fluid outlets of all machines were connected to the U shaped gutters. These carry the fluid and chips to the CFS. Sufficient gradient ensured all is transferred without any blockage and accumulation. Additional flushing nozzles tapped from high pressure supply line are used at regular intervals.

  • Coolant life increased from 3 months to 3 years.
  • New machines were added due to the space saved by removing individual tanks.
  • Manpower was reduced.
  • Lesser breakdown and downtime of machines increased production capacities.
  • Power consumption was reduced by 50%

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