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Magnetic coolant separator is device which cleans coolant liquid of very fine particles; it removes chips from the milling or grinding liquid. It has light and compact structure having strong magnetic power which can remove very fine particles. For precise grinding operations uninterrupted flow of oil is must. The magnetic separator ensures the uninterrupted flow of the liquid.

An endless belt of magnetic candles is dipped in dirty coolant tank such that the dirty coolant enters in the core. Coolant Flows slowly over the magnetic candles leaving the ferrous dirt on the candles. The belt is indexed to pull out dirt-laden candles & rotate them at top to remove the dirt. The dirt is then transported to a bin outside the tank.

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for magnetic separation.
  • Filtration capacity: 1500 l/min to 10,000 l/min.
  • Very Compact.
  • Suitable for cellar installations.
  • Totally automatic operation. Single drive.
  • Ease of maintenance.


Steel Grinding, Cast iron Grinding

Tool mill, Rolling mill

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