Mesh Upflow
Drum Filter


When the process generates large quantum of chips a mesh drum filter comes in handy. Veeraja mesh drum have a unique seal design which increases the life of seal and is very maintenance friendly.

Fluid with chips drops in cavity outside a mesh drum. It moves in the drum trough fine mesh, by gravity, leaving the chips on the mesh. A scraper conveyer, wrapping the mesh drum & scraping the outside cavity, carries the chips to a bin. On the way the fluid drips back to the tank. The conveyer movement also rotates the mesh drum. Clean fluid inside the drum is siphoned out to a clean fluid tank. From this it is pumped to the machine. Part of the pressurized fluid from pump is used to backwash the mesh drum.

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for filtration up to 50 micron. Without consumables.
  • Filtration capacity: 50 l/min to 5000 l/min.
  • Individual filter panels can be removed for ease of maintenance.
  • Can be isolated individually and removed for maintenance.
  • Seal is away from sediment chips. No possibilities of seal getting damaged by chips
  • Seal is of lesser diameter than conventional filter drum. It is possible to machine this seal & maintain correct dimensions
  • Seal is flushed with clean fluid. This means the seal is more reliable to arrest fine particles.
  • Continued flushing of seal. Smaller seal away from chip sedimentation.
  • Ideal for individual as well as centralized system.
  • Used in combination with Scraper conveyor for heavy dirt loads.
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