Storage of chips and recovery of precious metal cutting fluid is of primary concern in this industry. Traditionally hydraulic presses are used to recover the fluid by compressing the chips in briquettes or tablets. The traditional design has a hydraulic cylinder, which presses the chips in a mould. But this design is costly and consumes lot of space and power.

Veeraja has designed a new product with high production capacity but still keeping the price and space requirement low.

Filtration systems


A magnetic drum with close dense magnetic field is assembled on non-magnetic SS shaft. Magnetic pole shoes are projected out to form fins”, for better magnetic field alignment around the drum. The drum is rotated very slowly by a geared motor drive.

A non-magnetic SS trough holds the dirty fluid close to drum. Magnetic dirt is picked-up by magnetic field & is attached to the finned drum.

Slow rotary motion dumps the dirt collected on closely contoured scrapers. Extended scraper dumps the dirt collected to a bin.

Features & Benefits

  • Compact design
  • High production capacity
  • Separate loading compression and ejection ports
  • Low running cost

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