Belt Type Oil Skimmer

In any coolant application scum is generated. If this is not removed it affects the coolant life. A belt skimmer is a very simple product to remove the floating oil.

Belt Type Oil Skimmers


A belt skimmer is mounted on tank tops. The unit consists of two (2) pulleys. Care is taken that the bottom pulley is below fluid surface level. The top pulley is connected to a geared drive. An endless belt of polyurethane material rotates on the pulleys. Bottom pulley has a self-tensioning arrangement to compensate expansion of belt over time. Fluid flows slowly over the belt leaving the floating oil on the surface of the belt.

The belt scrapes through a pair of nylon scarpers near the top pulley. The scraped fluid is collected a tank. The separator tank is specially design with adjustable baffles. This separates the additional water content and diverts it back to the main tank.

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Features & Benefits

  • Used for removing un-emulsified oil.
  • Filtration capacity: 5 l/hr. to 20 l/hr.
  • Continuous cleaning operation.
  • Auto belt tensioning.
  • Ease of maintenance. Single drive. Very compact.
  • Ideal for individual machines and large tanks.
  • Standard sized modules are mentioned in attached PDF catalogue.
  • No filters needed. Very low operating cost.
  • No maintenance cost. Auto belt tensioning.
  • Suitable for any liquid (excluding chemicals)
  • Can be made suitable for viscous oil.
  • Robust, compact, and re-locatable.
  • Can be integrated with existing systems without modifications
  • Runs on only one drive. Requires lesser power.
  • Very smooth & silent operation. Occupies less space.

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Steel Grinding, Cast iron Grinding

Tube mill

To takeout unemulsified oil from coolent

Cast Iron, Steel Machinig, In combo with magnetic separator

General engineering industries & machining centers

Industrial waste fluide housing

Effluent and Savage Treatment Plants

Petroleum refineries lube blending plants

Industries employeeing industrial washing machine

Washing Machine

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Automobile Units & Service Stations