Flat Bed Multi Plate
Pressure Filters


Dirty fluid is fed under pressure in to inlet manifold. It is distributed equally in plates. Filter papers clamped & supported between plates separate the dirt & form a layer (cake). This effects finer filtration. Differential pressure is monitored in inlet and outlet manifold. At a preset level, the indexing cycle starts. First the inlet actuated valve is closed. Compressed air is pushed in the inlet manifold to remove the fluid inside the plates. This also purges the filter cake and makes it dry. Then with help of hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders the top plate is opened. A geared drive moves the belt which is supporting the filter cake. Once the complete filter cake is pulled out, the top plate closes and inlet actuated valve is opened. Normal filtration process begins again. A separate clean tank provides clean fluid to your machine while the indexing process is going on.

For finer filtration we need to use finer filter media. But such media offers resistance to flow and hence cannot be used in gravity filter. If we could increase the differential pressure across the filter media, we could achieve finer filtration. A flat bed pressure filter does exactly that.

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for fine filtration.
  • Can be used with disposable and back-washable media.
  • Filtration capacity: 100 l/min to 3000 l/min – used in series for larger filtration rates.
  • Totally automatic operation.
  • Compact Design.
  • Can be customized to suit your requirement.
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Steel Grinding , Cast iron Grinding

Honing – with disposable media and precoat arrangement

Lapping – with disposable media and precoat arrangement

Use alternate fil

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