Roll Coolant Systems: Pickling Line

A pickling line requires a tank to prepare the solution. Because of the fluid properties this tank is generally of stainless Steel material. For the proper functioning of the line, the fluid has to be prepared with a proper concentration. Mixing of the powder with the fluid has to be proper. A screw conveyor is used to drop specific quantity of powder in the tank. It has a hopper to store the powder.

An agitator is used to mix the powder properly. A pumping station pumps the fluid back to the process.


Screw conveyors are used for transfer of chips or powder. These are generally useful for controlled movement and disposal. Due to its compact and simple design it can be fitted in spaces not easily accessible. Read more
Some application require constant mixing or stirring or agitation. This can be achieved by Veeraja agitators. A geared drive rotates a set of blades at a predetermined speed. The design of the blades and the speed of rotation is determined based on its application. Sizing is done based on tank size, application viscosity. Read more

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