Centralized Filtration System: Steel Machining

Steel because of its ductile and tensile strength is widely used in auto component industry. But steel machining generally generates long curly chips. These chips are difficult to handle and donot flow with the help of pressurized coolant flow. Due to this restriction making a CFS was always a challenge.

Veeraja has now developed a unique chip cutter which can be attached to the outlet of individual chip conveyor of each machine. This chip cutter shreds the steel chips ( watch video ) into smaller manageable size. These can now ne conveyed using traditional methods of gradient gravity flow.

In a CFS, Dirty fluid along with chips is collected in the dirty tank. This tank has a continuously moving scarper conveyor which removes the chips that settle down. The coolant then passes through drum type magnetic seperators mounted on the side walls of the scraper conveyors. This ensures that the complete flow passes through a dense magnetic grid. The filtered fluid drops into a clean tank. Clean fluid pump supply pressurized fluid to the machines. Sizing of the tanks, magnetic drums and pumps is done based on your total flow requirement. In addition fine filter housing can be provided for through spindle coolant.

Features & Benefits

  • Multi cutter chip cutter for built mechanical and electrical safety.
  • individual cutter can be assembled in reverse way to expose second cutting edge. individual cutter can be replaced.
  • Large dirty tank gives sufficient time for the chips to settle. It also improves heat dissipation. Single point chip collection.
  • Independently rotating magnetic drums with finned pole plates increase the magnetic density.
  • Multiple drums and drums can be isolated individually.
  • Our unique pole plate design and scraper arrangement improves magnetic separation efficiency and ease of maintainence.
  • Built in PLC Controlled electrical and mechanical safety with Auto conveyor Jamming logic.
  • Skimmers, Week end agitation, VFD can be added with further enhance the system.


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